The message for Sunday

We have been privileged to have Dr. Gary Hauck as our guest speaker for the month of May. This Sunday he will be concluding his series on leadership from the book of Nehemiah.

“Celebrate God in Your Success” (Nehemiah 6-12)

  1. Celebrate God in the Completion of Your Goal  (Neh. 6:15
  2. Celebrate God by focusing on His Word  (Neh. 8:1-3)
  3. Celebrate God in Recommitment to Him  (Neh. 8:10, 9:1-2, 38)
  4. Celebrate God in Worship and Praise  (Neh. 12:27-40)

Dr. Hauck’s studies of Nehemiah are included in the book, Spiritual Formation, which also contains studies in the biblical books of Job and Titus, and Lois Hauck’s applications to Christian nurture.  It can be purchased through or

Noisy Sunday

Don’t forget your change this Sunday. Whenever we have a fifth Sunday in a month we hold a special collection of those coins that have been accumulating in your purse or drawer (paper is also accepted). This Sunday will be a Noisy Sunday! Let’s make a lot of noise in our metal collection containers.