Sunday, Sept. 18,2016 “Ask in Anticipation of Receiving”

Hello to all those celebrating Friday. The weekend is almost here! I would like to invite you to spend your Sunday morning worshipping with us. We will be considering the text Matthew 7:7-11. The message is titled “Ask in Anticipation of Receiving”. This is a familiar text, but often one that produces much discussion because of the very open implications in what it says. Calm and join us as we spend some time with the Word of God and worship together as a community of believers.

Sunday, Sept.11,2016 “Wasting Time”


I hope the week has been kind to you and I invite you to start the new week with worship on Sunday, September 11,2016 at 10:30. We will be taking the time to look at Matthew 7:1-6 and thinking on the idea of “Wasting Time”. Adult Sunday school class is at 9:00 where we continue our detailed study on Powerful Praying.  Looking forward to seeing you. God Bless.

Worship with us this morning!

Please join us for worship at 10:30 on this beautiful summer Sunday morning. We welcome Bill Simpson again as he will be our guest speaker this week. Bill’s message is entitled Christian Settlers.

Come at 9 a.m. if you would like to join us in our adult study of the book of Acts.

Winter is, thankfully, a long way off but we are already planning to participate in Operation Christmas Child again this year. We will have more information in the bulletin this morning.

If you like to warm up in advance, these are the hymns we’ll be singing:

  • 429: They’ll Know We are Christians
  • 670: Make Me a Blessing
  • 633: Open Our Eyes, Lord